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2014 for ENGL 083 -College Reading at Ivy Tech Community College, Indianapolis, IN

Title: The 083 Newsroom
URL: The 083 Newsroom
Description: This assignment will show you how to watch and read the news from a different angle. By identifying bias and other logical fallacies you will be able to read between the lines of important stories and hopefully discover some truth.
Keywords: Reading, Bias, Logic, Fallacy, Truth, Writing, English, Reasoning, Critical Thinking, Truth, Fact, Opinion
Status: Published: Yes | Featured: No
Author(s): Em Jolayemi

Multiple Intelligences:

Chapter 1 Additional Information and Links

The following are links to a variety of Multiple Intelligence Surveys; most of them based upon the studies and theories of Howard Gardner.  Please look at each one to ensure that the link is live before you present it to your class.  Ensure that the explanation is of use for the purposes that you anticipate.  Note that the terminology in the textbook is at times vague, and does not always correspond to the specific ‘Intelligences’, but rather characteristics of the intelligences.
It is helpful to note (see page 11 of the text) which 2 MI are used most commonly in Higher Education.  Discuss with students why that might be (to ensure strong independent learners?); how to bridge the gap between their own strengths and those that are valued in Higher Ed.  Is it reasonable to expect ALL of Higher Ed to adapt to the student or for the student to adapt?  What skills then, must the student embrace to succeed in Higher Ed?  Investigate how many times an action must be repeated to become a habit.  (good research (use of those Smart Phones!!) or impromptu question for the next day). How much effort will it take for that student to change their habits of ___ years?  Relate this to yourself, and how YOU have adapted your inherent strengths to become successful in Academia.
Links to MI Surveys:

Here is a web quest (for High School students) with additional activities including viewing a ppt and noting famous persons who share the same MI:

A google site with info to another webquest:

Another site that has a MI webquest updated in Jan 2014:

Site that asks students to strengthen their weaker intelligences:


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