Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Rage against the Machine...Really?... Yes, Really!

Too many machines; not enough usage. ...Or so 'they' say. Well, the machines ARE being used! -as typewriters and word processors. Let's learn how to leverage those tools! Students know how to use them for sloppy seconds... ummm I mean; sloppy copy and paste... that many instructors don't bother to notice.... "it must be too much work"... or "it's not my job"...."I don't get paid enough to check for plagiarism".
So.... what else can be done with those fantastic machines hooked to the interwebs beyond check facebook, post to instagram and snapchat?
Check these ideas out.... get some new ideas, try them out and share in the ORG.  Be sure to share failures... because especially when things don't turn out all nice and neat and tidy.... that is when the most learning occurs.... Students need to observe how we handle stress -how do we correct a slip-up; how do persons with an Advanced Degree handle themselves when those thorns surface among that carefully planned lesson? -Of course.... we take a deep breath; we ask the students if they have any ideas for a work-around; ask how they might solve the problem; ask if any of them have experience with the particular program or know of a better one; rely on non-digital technology... or just sit down and hold your head in your hands, take a deep breath, and begin again. No shame in starting over, just as we would tell our students.
So, take a look; love them or leave them.
Lets begin a conversation.
Lets share ideas.
Let me know what worked and what did not and why.
Tell me what your students thought!
Keep your artifacts to share with another in-service!

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

QR Codes ~ Summer 2013 Class Projects

My summer Speaking and Listening II class completed research and each group composed a Blog to upload their learning artifacts to.
Please click through the pages, and leave any comments either for the students or for me.
They did initial research and completed a Formal Action Plan to determine who would be impacted, how much time the project should take, how much it should cost, and their plan of attack.  Although some groups initially projected a financial expenditure -especially if Ivy Tech decided to utilize their work to make stickers or actual business cards, the entire project took approximately three weeks; cost nothing, as the students used the existing technology in their smart phones, and they completed a Reflection at the end to ponder what they had actually learned by engaging in this project. Their metacognitive awareness impressed me, as I constantly challenged them to think about how they could utilize these skills 'in real life' and in their further studies.
Following then, find the url's to their work.
Alpha Group's Blog
Mind Master's Group
Master Mind's Blog

Friday, April 22, 2011

It is time to Travel.... The Assignment

The Internet can be a very valuable source to all people, particularly when they need to get information quickly and successfully. Traveling on the Internet can be just as enjoyable for cyber surfers as it is for tourists. Not all people have the resources to travel, so the Internet offers an opportunity that they may not otherwise be given.
·        By completing this WebQuest, you will
o   cooperate  with your peers
o  gain knowledge
o   learn about your selected destination and 
-gain technological skills
o   create electronic products, and
·         -improve your persuasive writing skills
·        and incorporate collected material for an Oral Presentation

Travel Brochure / Oral Presentation
You will complete the following WebQuest on the Internet at the following address: 

Each group member will be given an individual grade as well as a group grade (if working in a group).
Group members will be graded individually based on:
  • the fulfillment of his/her job - Role
  • the quality of material included in the brochure
  • the content, organization, and mechanics of the persuasive writing
  • the creativity executed to complete the work
  • the neatness exhibited in the final product
Grades will be based on:
  • the overall appearance of the final products
  • the collaborative effort exhibited to complete each of the projects
  • the fulfillment of the project criteria 

 Each Individual (or Your Group) will produce:
  • One Digital Presentation -Choose one from the following: (all will be posted in Bb)
    • Power Point Presentation of 10 slides (5 words per slide) (Rubric on Bb)
    • Animoto 
    • Prezi
    • Glogster (
  • One Paper Brochure with Color Pictures (Rubric on Bb)
  • One Wordle Poster (
  • One Oral Presentation of no more than 5 minutes (Rubric on Bb)
  • Each person in your group must speak during the Oral Presentation

8/365: Traveling the world...


Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Passport by seantoyer
Passport, a photo by seantoyer on Flickr.
American Passport


  • So, where to? What is the adventure? 
  • How to get there? 
  • What does it look like? 
  • What to do?
  • What sights to see?
  • What sites to visit?
  • What will the temperature be?
  • What are the people like? What is their language and culture?
  • What to eat and drink?